by Pathfinder

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Guitars and vocals recorded on March 24th, 2013 at The Office with Mike Moschetto.
Drums recorded prior, engineered by Nate Davis
Mixing and mastering done by Mike Moschetto
Album art by Amanda Arns

Thank you to anyone who has supported us, taken a listen, or shared our music. Thank you to Mike at the Office for mixing and mastering the EP in 4 days.


released March 29, 2013

Jesse Field- Guitar
Nick Almeida- Guitar
Max Couto- Drums
Nate Davis- Bass
Sean Mathews- Vocals



all rights reserved


Pathfinder Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Hardcore band from massachusetts. It's fun.

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Track Name: Solstice
These gray scale skies are all I ever recognize
When I look outside my window
And I hate to admit, that I'm only as stable as the weather permits
But that's the way it is
And my hopes fell with the leaves
And I just don't believe
So I'll fall back asleep
Shut down, shut out for a few more weeks

These gray scale skies are all I ever recognize
When I look outside my window and watch the time go
It seems like these layers of clothes can't keep me warm
Cause my insides are cold
It seems like these layers of clothes block me out from the world
And everyone I know

Winter changes me
Winter changes me

This lifeless life I'm living only lasts for a few more months
The simple repetition of these thoughts, doesn't do me much
The wind came and chilled my bones
I lost all comfort in my home
I am fragile when I'm on my own
This self-imprisoned mess is what I've become
I am a product of a sky with no sun
I am fragile
I am numb

When the trees are dead, it just gets to my head
And when the ground is cold, I'd rather be alone
And when the sun sets, my stomach sinks
It's because I think too much
These dead trees just can't seem to wake up fast enough
Track Name: Contrast
Don't know what I expected
Winter left me second guessing
If the sun I felt was really the sun at all
Or just another instrument I use to help me cope
With the fact that I am slowly losing hope
I'd rather live a black and white life
Simplicity is key, but the gray is confusing me

I consider myself a happy person
But I remain uncertain of where I want to be and how to get there
You may have noticed I have this problem, that arrives in autumn
Where I sink inside myself
But I never hit rock bottom

And I'm uncertain, but I'm dreaming
I'm uncertain, but I'm believing in myself again

It's winter back in Boston, not much has changed
At night you'll find me walking, these streets just aren't the same

I made it through the winter
I am no longer bitter
There's just so much for me to hate
I made it through the winter
I am no longer bitter
There's just no way for me to change
Track Name: Mourning
Waking up to the sound of nothing is getting old
And I'm tired, I'm dreading the mornings where I wake up cold

This winter has left me bitter
There's no way to better myself
Cause I gave up everything the day the birds flew south

You were the bird who stayed behind
Too broken to fly away
And you sung the song I heard
That brought spring into a winter day

You are the bird who wakes me up
You are the sun that opens my eyes
You are always there to remind;
There's more to life than these gray scale skies

And when you spread your wings,
In search of blue skies, brighter things
I'll remember the songs you used to sing
Your voice remains in the wind
Echoing, carrying the warmth you bring
And I know I'll be alright
Cause each day I'm closer to spring
Track Name: Colorblind
The clock is ticking on me
The clock means the sinking of the sun
And I'm prepared for the worst
Cause the worst has yet to come

These autumn days are just like me
They look more alive than they really are
I look more alive than I am
These autumn days are just like me
A picturesque scene, but there's not much to see
I'll be empty and cold before the snow falls

I'll be empty and cold before the snow falls

I'm so sick of these dead end roads
And I'm tired of retracing my steps
I'm coming back home and asking what's next
To blank stares and blank faces
And each year ends the same, with me afraid of change
Stuck in the same place
Clinging onto the brightness, slipping away
I'm driving toward the whiteness, as the autumn fades
So do I, so do I

I drive to clear my head
And fix my eyes to the miles ahead
Lost in the snowflakes, I'm fighting the current

And I've always said,
That I'd follow in only my own footsteps
But it's been an endless cycle
and I end up at my doorstep

Then Autumn came and I left
There's nothing more unpredictable than New England weather
But I know the outcome, I know the outcome
Things will get worse before they get better
This happens every year that I'm stuck in this place
With no destination

The leaves are falling to the ground
The last sign of life before the ghost town
And I'm not ready this year

The bleakness is closing in
I can feel the weakness within
The season starts to set in,
I'm already lost before winter begins